First Day of the Summer Holidays

… and I’m up to my eyeballs in knitting and have a cold coming on.

Still, I’d minxes to mind, and was determined that they were going to watch no more than 45 minutes of CBeebies today, while I checked my emails.  We pretty much managed that, but snuck in an extra 30 mins of Waybuloo and Octonauts this afternoon. That didn’t count as virtual child-minding, though, because we all sat watching it together (huddled in a big ball of minxes – Midi Minx had a sore head and wanted a cuddle, Mini got jealous and wanted a cuddle too and Maxi didn’t want to miss out).

I waited in for 3 packages, but only 1 arrived (kids sandals – of 8 pairs ordered in a variety of sizings, none fitted at all.  Bummer).  So we just had a boring old stay at home day.  The girls messed about with coloured paper, stickers, scissors and glue sticks while I did an online shop, then we all made strawberry trifle using the last of the Wester Hardmuir strawberries Maxi and Midi picked last week.  Midi kept eating the jelly cubes and Maxi was determined to slice her tongue off (licking the jam knife: one smear on a trifle sponge, 2 licks for her; one smear on a trifle sponge, …).  Mini wasn’t impressed at being left to stir her breadsticks in a bowl with a wooden spoon – I think she sussed we were just placating her and she wasn’t, in fact, helping.

I made a bit of an effort with lunch, but I guess the elder 2 girls are going through a fussy phase (ie they now care about what they eat, unlike Mini the Human Dustbin).  I made a kind of a guacamole with an avocado, lemon, coriander and tomato, put dollops of that on a plate with a dollop of thick yogurt, dollop of mango chutney, sliced tomatoes, sliced courgettes and cubed feta.  Few slices of green pepper to add some crunch and some toasted naan bread.  Mini demolished it, while her sisters pouted “Ewwwwww!”

Fully replete, Mini crashed out for her nap right after lunch with only a token 10 minute wail.  Alas yesterday’s trick of putting her in the cot with her sisters’ plastic teapot, jug, cup, saucer and spoon didn’t work this time – she was not to be distracted from being banished to dreadful bed.

With Mini asleep, folded up with her bum in the air as usual, I shoehorned Maxi and Midi outside.  We planted a little sage plant and a parsley plant together.  Usual small child stuff – each girl had to have exactly the same amount of compost as her sister, and had to water her plant with the same amount of water in the can (“She got more than me!  That’s not fair!  I want to dig a deeper hole!”).  Then we planted some more easy beetroot and easy carrots (ie seeds on a tape – brilliant when you don’t have time or patience to sow it properly (me) or the manual dexterity needed (girls)).  I dug a wee trench with the edge of my hand, they put the tapes down and helped cover, then watered it all away (!)  We also put some more peas in the gaps where the mole/vole probably killed off the original seedlings.

Actually, the garden is looking ok!  Now the chard is knee-high (it was taller than The Boss when it bolted, and he’s 6ft 1…) you can see the other stuff.  I dug out half our potatoes yesterday because I discovered they were BIG for ‘new potatoes’ (try 5 inches diameter…).  There are huge tall ornamental poppies that have self-seeded from somewhere all around the edge of the garden.  Fifteen beautiful dark red flowers all around our grey fence, behind the tall broad beans – just beautiful.  The cherry tree, though – that’s another matter.  We lost all the little baby cherries in the spring storms.  Only 3 clung on – one for each girl.  They were starting to ripen beautifully.  One went AWOL last night, so we picked the other 2 today.  They were sour and minging.  Doh!

So anyway, for a boring stay at home day the kids did a fair bit; it wasn’t all telly, telly, telly.  But when their daddy asked what they’d done today, they replied, as one: “Watched CBeebies!”  Gits!

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