Remember I was fretting about getting Mini Minx the MMR vaccine?  And how for a while it seemed like she was fated to not have it, and have to face instead the growing and spreading measles outbreak?  Well, the Friday before last she finally got it (oh my stars, has it really been that long since I blogged last?  I really have been busy knitting up stock for Rainbow Knits…)

Luckily Mini’s cold had finally gone only the day before, and she was fighting fit.  We arrived at the appointed time, and this time the nurse sister gave Mini a thorough physical.  I discovered that she’s on the 91st centile for height, 30-somethingth centile for weight (tall and slim like her Daddy) and that her little fingers don’t fit the pulse machines.  She finally got her injection and squealed the place down for a bit.  The look of proper hatred she gave the kind nurse was something to behold.  In fact, Mini whimpered the rest of the afternoon whenever she saw her.

I settled down for a few hours of fun with my littlest daughter – we had a little play, then I gave her a breast-feed, she zonked out (predictably) and I put her in the cot we were allocated for a few hours.  However, her temperature spiked a bit.  I assumed it was from cuddling up to me while she had a feed.  Then the nurse asked me about Mini’s pink cheeks.  “Oh she’s just like that – she shows a flush really easily”.  And her breathing – was she always so noisy?  “Um, yes, she’s a proper snuffle-bum”.  By then, though, I was beginning to doubt myself, and my daughter’s health.  The staff decided to keep Mini in for the entire 4 hours.  They were extremely apologetic, as if they expected me to kick off, but how could I get cross about them paying such close attention to my baby?  I watched Mini getting her obs taken without even stirring and recognised that she’d be asleep now for 3 hours.  And kicked myself for not bringing any proper coffee or even anything to read. 

I kept myself occupied by trying to organise childcare for Midi and Maxi Minx for the next 4 hours (the nursery shut in 3…).  Just as I sorted out The Plan and the Back-up Plan, one of the nurses achieved the unthinkable: while flirting with the IT man, she let out a cackle so loud that it woke Mini up from the deepest sleep.  Wow.  Some laugh!  Still, the ward was empty, so it certainly echoed.  Poor Mini looked so disoriented peering out through the cot bars.  She pretty much levitated up and lurched at me.  With my little playmate awake, we had fun in the playroom trying out all the toys and drawing a picture for Daddy.  When she got bored with that she tried out her new walking legs, racing up and down the little 4-bed room in her new pink shoes, again and again.  The lovely nurses even fed Mini: she polished off 2 sausages, swede, mash and Angel Delight.

We got let out right after that, and even had time to share a coffee (me), toasted teacake and some raisins (me and Mini) in the deserted hospital cafe before being reunited with the rest of the family around 7pm.  The Boss had taken them to McDonald’s for dinner as a massive treat, so they were full of balloons and giggles and no sympathy at all for Mini’s little plaster on her wee thigh.

Update: today (MMR+9 days) Mini had a bit of a rash.  Having read more about the MMR for her than for her sisters, I guess this was the Day 10 possible reaction to the measles bit of the vaccine.  She was completely fine in herself, and if I read the article right, it implies that the vaccine worked.  Bonus.

Update 2: yesterday Mini ate a bit of croissant that had egg in the ingredients.  She didn’t go red; she didn’t get a loose nappy; she liked the croissant bite very much.  I must test out her egg allergy in my GrumpyOldTrout-Non-Scientific-Way (dab a bit of scrambled egg on her cheek and see if it still goes red), as I wonder if she’s finally growing out of it?

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