Eh? I Can’t Hear You!

Midi Minx’s hearing is duff.  But it’s getting better.

We had the follow-up appointment with the ENT consultant last Friday.  This time Midi was so good that she got to wear the headphones to have a more accurate test.  I hoped that this might show her hearing was actually ok and that she was just getting a bit distracted with the previous hearing test.  Even better, I had to leave the room because Mini Minx was playing up (hot, hungry, tired and wanted to play with the toys, too).  So I watched my big baby girl smiling and giggling behind comically huge headphones through a big one-way mirrored window.

It’s not often you get the opportunity to stand back and see your children a bit more objectively than usual.  When I ‘see’ Midi, I still see the enormous chubby baby with big curls and a bigger smile that she was.  Watching her from a distance, I was struck by how vulnerable she looked, with her little hands in her lap, shoulders shaking with glee and anticipation, her baby-shape entirely changed from toddler to wiry, skinny little girl.  She’s 3, but the height of a tall 5 year old.  Her smile is now 100% impish, and where did that cascade of beautiful, fine, white-yellow hair come from all of a sudden?!

Anyway, the physiologist who did Midi’s hearing test declared that the hearing in her right ear was “borderline normal”.  Oh.  Pants.  My poor girl.  “And the hearing in her left ear isn’t as good”.  Oh!  Double-pants.  But because her hearing is better than it was 3 months ago, the consultant wants to wait another 3 months to review her yet again before deciding on grommets / adenoid removal.  Suits me!  If it’s not causing her any more pain, I’d much rather just leave things alone.  Bonus!

We had our post-hearing test in The Big Smoke treat – big shopping blitz in H&M for a ton of little girl basics (and ballet stuff) – then a quick whizz round The Big Out Of The City Tesco.  Normally shopping with 2/3 girls is quite fun (and I detest shopping…).  But that day Mini just wanted to tug and pull Midi’s hair.  I kept explaining that she loved Midi and was just trying to stroke something beautiful.  I was lying – my youngest minx was wilfully yanking it to get a reaction from her favourite person in the whole world.  And to her eternal credit, poor Midi didn’t hit Mini back, just cried.  She’d been a fantastic Big Sister Helper to me all day and just hit the end of her tether.  A year ago, she’d have tried to eat Mini, so she’s made enormous progress.

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