New Shhhhhoes!

After she spent an hour trotting about the beach barefoot on Sunday, I realised that we really had to buy Mini Minx some shoes.

Maxi and Midi Minxes were H+ widths for their first shoes.  With high insteps too, finding shoes to fit has always been a challenge – poor Midi didn’t get to wear girly shoes till she was 2.  So I was a tad surprised to find that Mini was a dinky 3.5F.  The only shoes in the shop were a pair of pretty pink t-bars, with butterflies on the top and lovehearts on the sole.  I steeled myself for the inevitable stumble-around-like-you’re-wearing-snowshoes, but Mini was fine and nimble; she just hated having them strapped to her feet at all!  Her roars and tears were of the “OMG you’ve strapped rotting carcasses to my feet!  What the hell are these?!” kind.  She refused to look at the sales assistant for the obligatory ‘My First Shoes’ photo.

She soon got used to them.  By the afternoon she was working on her 4th ever word.  “Shhhhh!  Shhhhhh!” she smiled, stroking their extreme pinkness.  By Wednesday she managed, “Shhhh!  Oooooo!”

Given that Maxi Minx’s 2nd ever word was a very clearly articulated “shoes!”, I suspect I may have another girly-girl on my hands.  That, and the fact that Mini squeals and coos over her new shoes constantly, and loves to put them on and take them off, again and again.

Edited to add photo, and the fact that Mini managed to clearly hiss “Shoooooz!” on 21 June.  So I guess that counts as her first proper word.

Pink Baby Shoes

4 thoughts on “New Shhhhhoes!

    • Awww! Wee soul.
      Mini Minx is still admiring her shoes, stroking them, squealing at them, placing them beside her feet and cooing. Today she even managed a very eloquent “Shooooooooz!”

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