Quick Update

I hadn’t realised, but after 3 little girls born so close together, you get a bit blase about their achievements and milestones.  Or I apparently do, anyway.

On Monday I asked The Boss if he’d noticed Mini Minx (14 months old) posting her shapes in her letterbox before.  Nope – how long had this been going on?  I admitted I’d no idea.  Blimey!  She’d sat quite happily picking up her circle, triangle and square and pushing them into all the holes in turn till they hit the right hole, then chortled with the rattle of each shape finally being posted.  I gave her the toy again tonight (Thursday) and she merrily sorted her shapes.  Yikes, there’s maybe a bit of clever-ness hiding behind that fluffy little head.

Tuesday was a yucky old day, so I’d had high plans of baking with the girls.  They had other ideas – Maxi Minx drew most of the day, Midi Minx happily cut every piece of paper she could lay her hands on, into tiny little pieces.  Mini, meanwhile, made a few scrawls with her crayons, then had more fun wrapping the paper round the crayons and pretending to eat them.  So maybe not so smart after all…

Mini Minx cut her 6th tooth on Wednesday: her upper outer right incisor.  So her raggedy little mouth and her temper are both a bit more even, now. 

Remember me honking on (and on) about the wonderful beaches round here?  (most of the posts in the category ‘Out and About’).  Well, the lovely striped sandstone pebbles have been inspiring me for months, so I knuckled down and spent the last 8 weeks or so knitting a wee range of booties in traditional creams, browns and blue.   You can see more pics now on my Rainbow Knits Facebook page or from tomorrow on my website

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