Mini Milestones

Our cheekiest minx has had a brain upgrade these past few days.

She cut her 4th tooth yesterday – her upper right incisor.  So soon she’ll no longer look like Fang.  The 2 teeth either side of it are microns below the surface.

Remember I said I was in denial about her walking?  Well, she walked 3 definite steps towards her beloved eldest sister, Maxi Minx, on Saturday.  Then 7 little tiny steps yesterday.  Today she screeched and shouted every time she stood unaided and I wasn’t watching.  When I turned round, she’d smile winningly and start to teeter forward a step or 2.  Obviously she is becoming a little applause junkie!  I don’t mind – I find it endearing that mine and The boss’s approval and attention are so important to her.

I was updating Mini’s little My Baby’s Journal book with how I felt about her walking, and a big blank paragraph hit me: “I first pointed when…”  Crikey!  I’d never noticed her pointing before!  She kind of waves in the general direction of things, but that’s it.  Today, though, she made up for it, pointing at everything and decisively declaring: “At!”  It’s such a ladylike little point, unlike Midi Minx’s thuggy jab-point with her middle finger: she holds her hands in a perfect little EMP hand gesture.

While waiting 45 minutes for the car that was “just going to be another 15 or 20 minutes” (bloody garages…), me and Mini had a lovely play and chat.  At home I have too many distractions and things I have to be getting on with; when her sisters are home, I’m too busy with them.  So it was really wonderful just to ‘be’ with my baby.  She was really working her cuteness and trying so hard to make me laugh.  She is as obsessed with hats as Maxi Minx was mad about shoes at the same age.  Maxi’s 3rd word was “shoe”; Mini’s 3rd word is “hat”.  Well, ‘at.  She pats her head to sign ‘hat’ and had a lot of fun hauling her sunhat on, off, behind her head, on my head, trying to insert it in my ears…  And tonight she thoughtfully repeated, “‘at. ‘at. ‘at”, comparing her sunhat and Daisy the Cat.  She kept trying to copy my overly-enunciated Hhhhhhhattttt.  Cccattttt.  And she’s pretty close to saying her sister Midi’s (real) name, to Midi’s delight.

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