Voting For 5 Year Olds

Trout: “P, do you remember why grown-ups vote?”

Maxi Minx: “Yep, they get bits of paper and put x’s on them, and that’s how they decide who the boss is going to be”

Trout (fairly impressed): “Yeah.  Grown-ups put an x next to the name of the person they want to be their boss, to help us all decide important things.”

Maxi, sniffing: “It smells like wood here”

Trout: “That’s because we’re in a wooden booth.  Grown-ups vote in here to keep what they vote secret.  It’s really important that it’s in secret because then they’ll vote for what they really, really think”

Maxi: “Who did you vote for, Mummy?  What does that word say?”

Trout: “Never you mind!  That’s a secret!” 

… (point out ballot boxes, as I get out the door I explain what happens next, then more blah and explanations about why we’re also voting for AV or FPTP)

Trout: “So you’ve been a really good, patient girl while I voted.  Would you like to choose either a chocolate Freddo or a caramel Freddo as a treat?”

Maxi: “That has to be a secret, Mummy”

Out-minxed, again.

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