The Trout’s New Camera

In my last post I wrote that our lovely camera wasn’t resting or shocked or sleeping, but was, in fact, dead.  Being in the sea shorted-out the battery and the level of sand-encrusting certainly stopped me even trying to resurrect it.  We left the rinsed card to dry out for over 24 hours, hoped and wished and with great interpidation plugged it into the laptop card reader.  And…


broken pebble artAnd we got every single photo and video!  Hooray!  I was so overjoyed I cried a bit (but don’t tell anyone – I’ve got a reputation to uphold).  The photos weren’t anything spectacular, but they’re very precious to me: Midi Minx with her first ever facepaint (she was a lion; how appropriate).  Mini Minx looking miniscule and cute.  Me looking not bad for a 40 year old grump.  Maxi Minx’s mermaid.  The Boss’s pebble art.  (OK, the lenticularis looked pale and washed out, but hey-ho, that’s clouds for you).  And I think I’ll stick to posting cute pics of the girls on Facebook, but will add some 2 anonymous pics from the castaway card.

mermaid collage So we had to get a new camera, and as I said, the Panasonic TZ range seemed most recommended.  Online research and much comparing and hair-pulling, and I decided that the TZ8 was probably the absolute best for us, followed by the TZ7 then maybe the TZ10 (though it had far more features than we needed or wanted).  The more recent models were just too gimmicky for me, as I don’t take enough videos to justify it.

I found some great deals online, but marched off to the local dealer yesterday to test it out.  Luckily they were happy for me to really fiddle around with the camera, and Mini Minx was happy to model her cuteness, even when I put the lens within licking distance.  Oh boy, can it cope with close-ups!  But the real test was how it could cope with my knitting.

I’ve not really mentioned my wee business Rainbow Knits, other than a single hyperlink.  Ok, here’s a second,  I do baby bootees in the brightest rainbow colours I can find – every shade has to make my heart sing.  Unfortunately, I’ve found that cameras can cope with each individual colour, but not all 6 together.  Example, the orange and yellow will look the same, or the royal purple will come out blue, or the red will wash everything else out.  I’ve only managed photographing it with much trial and error and cursing up till now.  Anyone got any tips or advice for me? 

Anyway I went armed with the brightest, stripiest bootee I’ve done, so bright it’s eye-popping.  And the camera couldn’t cope.  We tried messing with the white balance, footering with the manual settings, everything.  I tried other cameras in the TZ range.  I tried other cameras!  The assistant took the camera and my bootee outdoors into the shade and took more photos.

Having had a lovelyhour trying out every camera in the store, I was happy that the TZ8 was definitely the one for me, and I think because I wanted it so much, I flanneled about how I could try it out under strong halogen lights at home, and if it still couldn’t cope with the colours, I’d return it the same day, pristine.  And amazingly, they agreed! (though they wouldn’t do any further discounts).  Even more amazingly, the halogen treatment worked – it  picks up the colours enough for me to live with, better than the old camera.

The Boss had a footer with it last night and kept smiling.  I caught him stroking it, lovingly.  I’m glad I made him see sense that I had the better shortlist of cameras 😉

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