Contents Insurance Geniuses

I had to make this a separate post from the previous one because it’s a teeny, tiny bit of a rant…

So, The Boss dropped our camera in the sea.  “You moron!” I kindly labelled him.  He called the insurance company.  They obviously agreed with me, because they said that they would give us £71.99 after our £100 excess had been paid.

Right… so let me paraphrase: we phone up to make a claim, they say “Oh dear.  Please give us £28.01.  And your insurance will cost about £25 more next year.  Thank you, goodbye.”

Am I losing the plot, or something?  Do they think we’re stupid?  I’m Glaswegian, for goodness’ sake, by age 4 I knew when the ice-cream man was short-changing me.  At what point do you think the insurance company could have said, “It’s not worth making a claim, you’ll lose money.  Bad luck.  Use a wrist strap next time”?

Thieving trickster sods.

Don’t mind me, I just hate insurers.

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