Strawberry Yumminess

I’m not much of a cook, though my baking isn’t bad.  Tonight, however, I made a really gorgeous pudding of much awesomeness.

(sorry about the terrible English – I’ve been reading my blog’s spam filter again and it’s affected me hugely.  In fact I’m still giggling)

Anyway, it’s enormously simple, so to ensure my rubbish memory doesn’t prevent us from scoffing it again, here it is!

strawberry and cream dessertMoray Minxes’ Mess

  • Rip up some trifle sponges
  • Sprinkle over some sherry
  • Add a wee dollop of strawberry jam (about half a teaspoon)
  • Drop over some sliced, ripe, room-temperature strawberries
  • Dollop on some whipped cream (double cream would be nice, too, but I find it a bit heavy.  And I’m too chicken to, with my gallstones…)
  • Fold it up a little

Obviously I omitted the sherry for the minxes and instead let them add some sugar sprinkles.  For egg-allergic Mini Minx, I swapped the trifle sponges for a rusk.  Though given that she’s sleeping very fitfully right now (teeth / eczema bugging her…) I maybe should have left in the sherry!

baby eating strawberry and cream dessert

Cream..! Gonna eat it, gonna wash in it, gonna rub it in my hair!

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