I Say I Say I Say…

As the eldest sister of 4 brothers and 2 sisters, I’ve heard a lot of bad jokes.  Usually the same ones, over and over again.  Like the perennial favourite 1st joke of gleeful little kids: “Knock knock – who’s there? – Dr – Dr Who? – Haha, you said it”.

Maxi’s been telling rubbish jokes for 2 years now, and the occasional good one remembered from Gigglebiz.  Now it seems it’s Midi’s turn to start experimenting with jokes.  As far as I can remember, here’s how the conversation went:

Midi: “Why did the cow cross the road?

Me <with a sinking heart>: “I don’t know, why did the cow cross the road?”

Midi: “Cos it went onna pavement, and it need some lovely green grass, trip-trap trip-trap, march march march, I love you cow…” <whitters on like a spam post on a blog for a bit>

Me <impatiently>: “Is that the funny bit yet?”

Midi <pauses whittering>: “No, not yet.  The cow goes moo, moo, moo and then it has a milk and then it…” <resumes 3 year old stream of consciousness>

Me: “…’And then it goes to the moon’?  Is that the end now?”

Midi: “Yes”

Me: “Should I laugh now?”

Midi: “Yes”


Midi screams in fright and jumps a foot in the air, then giggles.  I’m evil.  I’m also fed up listening to rubbish jokes.  Maxi knows the drill now – if she tells a funny joke, I laugh; if she tells a rubbish joke, she gets tickled.  Either way, the Trout wins 🙂

Talking of jokes, I had Mini tucked under one arm the other day as I tipped out the hard contents of her nappy down the toilet before chucking the nappy in the bin.  As I hit the flush, Mini blew effusive kisses goodbye to her poo.  Strange child.  God help us when we start potty training.  Oh pants, that’ll be in only a year’s time… <faints>

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