Domestic Genius

OK, OK, OK, it’s probably not that great, and you’ve probably done it a million times yourself.  But just for a second, let me revel in my problem-solving ability.

Cleaning our kitchen floor is like painting the Forth Road Bridge – it never ends.  Mopping it is like adding a magnet for gloopy food.  Tonight’s dinner of chicken in a ginger and pineapple sauce, rice, carrot sticks and gloopy spinach ended up everywhere (I guess The Boss fed Mini too much – she slung what she didn’t want to eat).

I really hate trying to pick up rice from the floor.  I can leave it overnight and brush it up the next day, but that offends my sense of hygiene.  And it tends to take 2 – 3 days to get to the right brush-up consistency.  I can get down on my hands and knees and pick it up – too long when it’s plate-fulls.  I can get down on the floor and try to brush it up with damp kitchen roll – works ok, but can smear the rice everywhere if too much pressure is applied.

OR you can be a total genius – get out the window squidgee with a long handle that you don’t use.  Use to ‘sweep’ up the rice and vegetables like a casino croupier.  Mop up any bits that smear.  FAST!  Happy Old Trout

2 thoughts on “Domestic Genius

    • Yes, but I’m keeping that kind of thing private – I’ve got a mild-mannered, middle-aged boring housewife reputation to keep up. Took me long enough to acquire it in the first place!

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