Birsay Beach Shell

Birsay Beach Shell

Wow, what a place!  I say ‘place’ singular, though it is of course a collection of islands, but we only explored the mainland.  And at that, mostly just West Mainland because that’s the only place we had a map for.

All 5 of us absolutely loved it.  I had high expectations before I left and they were completely exceeded.  Even The Boss is keen to go back again, for longer.  Yippee!

As this blog forms a journal of my wee girls’ life for me, I’ll be going into enormous detail.  Well, would you expect anything less from me?!  But I’ll split it into a few posts, interspersed with the usual daily ramblings, to make it a bit easier for me to find things later.

So, basic details:

We went from Sat 2nd April till Tue 5 April 2011; driving up the north west Scottish coast and getting the Pentland Ferry from Gills Bay to St Margaret’s Hope, then driving over the Churchill Barriers to Kirkwall.  On the journey back we drove from Kirkwall to Stromness and took the Northlink Ferry from there to Scrabster, then drove back down the north west Scottish coast.

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