Mini Minx is 1 Today

****WARNING: pic of seconds old newborn baby born by Caesarean – some people may not like to see it without a wee heads-up of a warning! ****

I’ve been in denial a long time, but no longer – my wee baby is a whole year old today.  Well, at 14:49hrs exactly.  You can see for yourself in the pic below.  This time last year I was measuring my waistline one last time (46″) and messing around with The Boss nervously in his scrubs.

I was going to write a long post all about Mini’s birth, but you know what, who cares?  She got here safely, I was delighted to be allowed to watch her being born (no drapes!) and she’s been the giggly, yummy centre of our family for 12 months, now.

I’m going to spend this evening compiling a big album of photos from Mini’s first year, to proudly sit beside the well-thumbed and well-loved ones of her sisters.

Caesarean birth

The moment the world became a better, more beautiful place: 1449hrs 23 March 2010


baby birthday cake

Precisely one year later...

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