That’s It, I’m Going To Trading Standards

Today was a boring day of hunting and gathering for the family: food shop, pick up Minx clothes in 2 half-price sales, pick up dry-cleaning, buy elastic to finish Mini Minx’s knitted trousers, blah, blah… <yawn>  The good bits were: chatting with Mini all round the shops; treating us to coffee and a scone / porridge and half Mummy’s scone; taking photos for 2 friends’ nappycakes business (I’m no photographer, but they like my photos on Facebook, so I hope they like my snaps).

Anyway.  I’m a right label-checker and receipt-examiner, taught by my mother and her mother to Trust No One.  I’d bought 3 super-fancy pots of Organix baby food because (a) it tastes really, really nice, (b) I like Mini to eat what’s in there, (c) Mini loves it, and (d) it was down to half price.  Nevertheless, I was pretty pissed-off that the Best Before dates were all in November last year.  Yep, 4 months out of date.

Now, I know the difference between Best Before and Use By dates.  And I’m sure that Mini would have come to no harm had she eaten them.  But 4 months???!  Worse, the Tesco that I bought them from has got Previous: I returned baby food to them a few months ago that was a few weeks past its Best Before date.  As I recall, the manageress took great pains to apologise profusely (no need – these things happen), asked me what I wanted (just replace them with in-date pots, please), asked if I was *sure* that’s all I wanted (eh?  Yeah, I’m not after compensation or petrol money refund – these things happen, don’t worry about it).  So for this to happen again so soon, it smacks of a slovenly / useless / untrained grocery manager, to me.

Tomorrow I’m swinging past Trading Standards before I take them back to Tesco, and will ask if they would do spot checks on their stock rotation in general and check this is a one-off rather than symptomatic of a poor rotation system.

On that theme, I remember when Maxi Minx was a newborn Minx-in-Waiting, Tesco own-brand stuff was great value and quality.  I bough armfulls of Cherokee clothes because they were almost as good quality as the big names like Mothercare (woooo!) but a fraction of the price.  Now I find Tesco is synonymous with “cheap rubbish”.  I don’t buy their own-brand stuff anymore, as I got fed-up returning things: in the last 2 years I’ve returned envelopes that lose their ‘stick’ after an hour, crayons that barely mark paper, clothes where the buttons don’t meet up with all the buttonholes, dresses with half-finished hems, own-brand nappies that can’t cope with a single pee, ‘sweet’ fruit that’s distinctly sour, crunchy ‘ripe and ready to eat’ plums, oh, I’m too grumpy to go on.

And to top it all, the only 2 baby trolleys left both had broken straps; the safer one was so grubby that it marked Mini’s clothes: aaaaarghhh!

2 thoughts on “That’s It, I’m Going To Trading Standards

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