Quiet, if ouchy, Weekend

We’d had some fancy plans to get out and about this weekend – long, long walks along the coast, maybe get the kids out doing a gentle bit of climbing, perhaps even get some bike seats on the back of bikes and GET OUT there!  But no – both me and The Boss are wounded soldiers, so we had a stay-at-home weekend instead.

I got hurt first.  Midi Minx had been up most of Thursday night with ever-flowing thick green snot which gave her a constant cough.  So she’d woken up pale and “I not feelin’ vewy wllll”, so I’d kept her at home with me.  She fell asleep in the car on the way home from Shoppity-Shop.  Friday was a very windy day.  As I leaned in to the car to unstrap a sleeping Midi, the car door blew in on my leg HARD.  Holy-shamoley, I clenched my teeth so hard I nearly broke them.  The pinch on my shin bone smarted a lot, despite thick jeans and my Trout-like leg blubber.  The resulting blood blister got so big it burst, so I have a 1cm diameter raw bit of skin on my shin and an achy bruise.  Youch!

Friday night, no-one got much sleep.  Midi came into our bed 3 times that I’m aware of; Maxi came in twice; The Boss took Mini Minx in on one of the occasions that he ousted her sisters instead of me, but I didn’t hear her crying.  They came back in again.  Our bed isn’t big enough for 2 adults, a baby, a wriggling octopus and a huggy bear, so he made Maxi walk back to bed and carried Midi.  It was dark, he was tired, they’d been playing with their toys before they went to bed.  He’s not sure what he stepped on, but he went over on his ankle, fell forward and bashed his knee on something else.  His leg doubled up under him, so he gave his knee a right wrench as well as a bang.  The thump woke me and Mini up, Midi roared in fright (he’d managed somehow to stop her hitting her head on anything) and The Boss might have let out a wee swear word or two.

On Saturday, the sight of poor Bossman hobbling around made my Little List of Jobs for him evaporate.  OK, I think the foot-dragging was a bit of over-acting, but he really was in pain.  I administered strong anti-inflammatories and we settled down for a day that required no walking about or even being very awake: I cleared some clutter upstairs and the Minxes dug the ever-growing mole hill in the garden.  When they got tired, I tasked them with baking the egg-free chocolate cake my friend sent me, and adapting it to fit some rose-shaped silicon moulds.  I tried putting roll-on icing over the buns and the main cake, but it looked like it was bumpy, shoddy icing, rather than a bunch of roses.  Still, they tasted fantastic!

Midi spent a lot of the morning running between me, The Boss and Maxi with her Etchasketch-with-a-Pencil type toy tucked under her arm.  “Yes?” she’d ask, holding the pencil aloft above the pad, for all the world like a waitress.  So I cheekily said, “A coffee, a coffee and walnut cake and a glass of water on the side”.  As I listed each thing, she made a big line in the pad, like she was writing down an order.  She also looked at me attentively throughout.  Then she scuttled off to yell her ‘order’ to Maxi, and demanded that she cook it NOW (poor Maxi Minx was playing with her dolly, her look of bemusement was a picture).  She raced back to me, holding an imaginary tray above her head, then threw it all at me and demanded money.  Hmmm, wonder which restaurant she’s copying?! 

Today (Sunday) we managed to get into the garden centre to choose the seeds of the veg we’re I’m going to grow this year.  The girls were all so well-behaved we treated them to juice and a wee cake – I think they’re cottoning-on to this behave = reward thing.  A quick play at the swings blew a lot of cobwebs away as well as some of The Boss’s big fry-up breakfast.  I defied death (a loose roof tile is lying at a cheeky angle on the roof, ready to fall on the car or a minx) and nipped round the outside of the house, washing the sticky sea salt / maltings stuff / building site muck off the downstairs windows.  The Boss hobbled out to change the winter tyres back to standard (so if it dumps it with snow tomorrow, it’s all his fault).

We also stopped to get rid of the stuff I’d de-cluttered yesterday at the recycling centre.  And ended up picking up 2 girls’ bikes for Midi and Maxi Minx for £4 each.  The Boss is the family cyclist (I usually sit on the back of the tandem as talking ballast) so gave them a good look over and declared them a “fantastic bargain”.  They really were – the chain had slipped off one and the other had lost the strap of the dolly bike seat, but otherwise they were in great nick.  They hardly need cleaning, even!  So a bit of soap, water, oil and 2 pairs of stabilisers and the kids are on wheels!  Yippee!

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