Pirate Dinn-arrrrrr

Maxi Minx’s favourite saying is “A-har me hearties!”, accompanied by an arm swing and wink.  In honour of her endless love of all things pirate, I made a Pirate Dinner tonight.

It was just mashed potatoes, sausage, broccoli, carrot, gravy, but the kids loved it.

  • Put the mash in the middle of the plate: ISLAND
  • Cook the broccoli with long stalks still attached.  Either lay it on the plate as a 2D palm tree or stick it in the island: PALM TREES
  • Fry sausages and put them at the side of the potato in a cross: X MARKS THE SPOT
  • Dribble gravy round the bottom of the mash: SEA (though Maxi informed me it was like the Midnight Zone, according to CBeebies’ Octonauts)
  • Cut the carrots in rings and put in a high-sided container in the middle of the table, with a big spoon.  Everyone has to serve themselves: DIG FOR TREASURE (GOLD COINS)

Maxi, Midi and The Boss were hugely tickled by it at least.

Dinner Fit For Fussy Pirates

Grooo - too many gold coins and palm trees!

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