The Gall Of It

My gallstones were ultrasounded this morning.  It was lucky I got there – because I’ve been referred by work’s doctor, the appointment went to work, before they sent it out to me.  So I found out about it yesterday afternoon.  There wasn’t enough time to sort out childcare, so luckily The Boss’s boss accepted gracefully that he was going to come in late today after minding his kids (well, can you imagine the minxes running amok in an x-ray department?!)

I now have “many moderate-sized stones”.  I asked what constitutes ‘moderate’; the sonographer said ‘about a centimetre across’.  Blimey.  Though she did point out that biggies are less likely to get stuck in a duct than diddlies.  I guess.  So now I just need to wait a week or so for work’s dr to decide what to do with me.  My liver function test came back normal, so I’ve no idea what she’ll recommend I have done.  Get by with the odd monthly whinge?  I think I said before, my main fear is of having a bad attack while I’m alone with the minxes.  A *really* bad attack leaves me just concentrating on breathing in and out for 5 or 6 hours, nothing more.  How could I even get to the phone to call for help?  What would the kids get up to in the meantime?  How frightened would they be with me lying on the floor vomiting and moaning?  (Previous bad attacks were luckily at night, with The Boss holding the fort).  Hmmm, better to whip the bugger out with some advance warning so I can organise childcare and some help for a week or so.  I wonder if that’ll be possible?

Since I saw her (work’s dr – sorry, I went off on one), I got a stash of strong painkillers and a most impressive bruise (it took 2 people and a fair few stabs to get 2 phials of blood).  I’ve also been too scared to eat fatty pork or my usual tiny-slice-of-toast-to-accompany-my-butter breakfast.  So that’s good!  Long may that continue.  And I’ve had time to remember my Dad’s gallbladder op.  Yikes.  (Though if I ended up getting a long cut like that, I’d ask for my split stomach muscles and little hernia to be fixed at the same time…)

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