Three Years Old and Counting

Jelton Bohn

I got da "Go To Bed Blues" real bad...

Midi Minx may well be 3 now, but even big girls have to come into their mummy’s bed at night.  I should be flattered that my arms are obviously irresistible.  Midi can barely tear herself from them when I drop her off at nursery.  Or every single time I sit down to breastfeed her baby sister.

Mini Minx, on the other hand, absolutely refused to leave them all day.  I mean ‘All Day’.  Every time I put her down she went ballistic.  She fought sleep constantly, and roared and shrieked like her leg was being sawn off.  I tried every trick in my arsenal: peek-a-boo-Mummy’s-still-here, sit in the playpen in a sleeping bag with one toy in hope of drifting off, lie in the buggy, potter about her bedroom while she’s in the cot, do the hoovering, lovely long booby feed, lovely big real food feed.  I tried everything.  She was having none of it.  It was hard to let her cry while I did essentials (like go to the toilet, answer the door) because she sounded so stricken, but I couldn’t carry her round all day long.  Predictably, she fell asleep as soon as I put her in the sling and walked down to the Post Office.  Equally predictably, she soon woke up when we got back and set off the clingy screaming.  Even when The Boss got home, although she was delighted to see him, she started hysterical shrieking every time I left her sight.  I finally got her to sleep at 2300hrs after a 2 hour breastfeed (she’s 10 months old, for goodness’ sake!).

After settling her in the cot, I checked on Maxi and Midi Minxes, who’ve been very quiet and subdued today (though they perked up to gobble down macaroni and cheese – will they ever go off it?  It’s wonderful to hear Midi mumble “Yum-yum, brilliant, I love it” through mouthfuls, though).  I got such a fright to see 2 empty beds.  Before I joined Mini in a scream, I looked round the door a bit more.  Maxi has been tent-building.  She and Midi were curled up between the cupboard, the chest of drawers, Midi’s doll’s crib and the easel.  Both were cuddled up with Bagpusses and dollies, and Maxi had artfully arranged some blankets around them.  I’m not going to let them sleep there all night, but they look so peaceful!  And I must admit I’m pretty impressed with my 4 year old’s tying-up ability, both with knots and with the aid of some hairbands.

Indoor camping

Mummy get the hint: the mattresses are too thin and lumpy even for the teddies


In other news, both the Glasgow and the local office of Carnold Lark phoned The Boss today to grill question him further on a questionnaire they sent him about the recent service on the car.  He had stated that no, he would not recommend them to a friend.  They wanted to know why.  However, whilst the silly sod told them all about the appointment mix-ups, it totally slipped his mind to tell them about how the car previously went in to them for 2 separate bits of work and each time came out with other (flipping expensive to rectify!) things wrong.  See here and here .  Maybe I should write them a long rant?  And ask for a refund, seeing as it’s almost a 4-figure sum?  <grumble, chunter>

Tangent time: my mother-in-law is English, and although I try to speak properly when she’s around, I guess I do still use some non-English-english words.  Like ‘chuntering’.  It did amuse me to hear her use that word this weekend, which she must have picked up from me.  She didn’t get the context quite right, so I guess she doesn’t understand what it means, but a full 10/10 for effort.  Bravo!  I wonder if Mini’s screeches are because MIL went home today?  First Daddy went (to work), then Grandma.  Maybe Mini’s frightened to let me out her sight in case I disappear, too?  We’re all a bit down and low today now she’s gone.  Maxi gave me a hug when I said I missed Grandma, too.  Och well, she’ll be back up next month.

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