Happy Clementines Day!

Neither I nor The Boss observe Valentine’s Hallmark Day.  We never have.  I’m blessed in that he regularly does little things that demonstrate how much tolerance he has for my foibles and foul temper, as well as how much he loves me.  However, this year we seem to have coincidentally gotten each other a little token of affection on the SAME DAY!

I went to bed at 0115hrs this morning, having fed Mini Minx then waited till The Boss fell asleep so I could pen a little card (it might have said “With Love” all over it, but it wasn’t a Valentine’sDay  card because it had no pink, red, hearts, fluff or glitter on it.  So there).  I got him a little keyring with a brass ring and silver- and gold- (allegedly) plated nuts and bolts on it.  The box it came in calmly stated “I’m nuts about you”.  It doesn’t count as a Valentine’s Day gift because it was a replacement for The Boss’s favourite strawberry keyring that broke when it was in my possession <whistles innocently – it’s still a world away from ‘I broke it’>

Midi Minx woke me around 0300hrs as she wriggled into bed, but I was too tired to evict her, so rolled over and fell asleep.  Mini Minx woke with a roar at 0515hrs.  I fed her, then failed dismally to get her to sleep again.  The Boss took over at 0630hrs while I caught 20 precious minutes more sleep.  Just as I started to drool into my pillow again (what’s with my slack mouth all of a sudden?  The nocturnal dribbling is getting to be an embarrassing habit), I was loudly awoken by the entire zoo.  I couldn’t snarl or grump because they were carrying a tray with a plate of breakfast on it and joy-of-joys: strong, hot coffee!  The Boss had made me a slice of toast (with the last bit of bread in the house – True Love) with “I Love You” stamped on it.  And fried me an egg in a loveheart shape.  What a star!  I shared the food with Maxi and Midi, snuggled Mini, kissed The Boss (who was racing out the door to work) and my whole day just lightened right up.

At nursery today, Maxi and Midi Minx made strawberry jam tarts and red glitter cards.  Of course, the cards are now displayed on the living room wall, and the glitter has bred over the past 6 hours to cover every single carpet in the house…  Maxi seriously and proudly informed me that she made them for “Clementine’s Day” and that was why she’d chosen her teeshirt with the sparkly heart on it.  I think I just about managed to keep a straight face.  Mainly because yet again I was wondering where she gets her love of all things pink, glittery and kitsch from.  Her daddy?!  Sure ain’t from me…

In other news: Mini Minx has started to enjoy posting things into slots and holes.  Combined with her new aptitude for crawling, I think I need to barricade the video player.  I was sitting in the car waiting for the rain to stop instead of dashing to the farm shop for a quick lunch (who needs lunch when you have 20 minutes to yourself to cuddle your baby in?  I’d only have spent it faffing with cutlery and money and stressing about being served in time).  Anyway, I spent the whole 20 minutes bouncing baby R on my lap while she munched on a breadstick.  She eyed up my chest – well, it was nearly feed-time – and happily posted her breadstick down my cleavage.  Minx!

Bah humbug! Still, makes them easier to post...

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