How Did Sharing a Room Go?

The first night with Noisy and Shouty sharing a bedroom went… as badly as we expected it would.  After shaking loose of Midi’s wet, limpet-cling cuddle this morning, I found a path of open books, clothes and cushions leading from their room to mine.  Following it as nervously as Little Red Riding Hood in the woods, I was right to be scared: they’d upturned every single toy that they own, emptied every drawer and box, hauled their (500+) books out the bookcase, and generally caused havoc.  They spent a good part of the day tidying it up again…

Maxi was miffed that I called her path a path.  “It was a slide for Barbie”, she pouted.

Midi was equally grumpy.  She threw an enormous tantrum because The Boss had poured a teaspoon of milk into her Rice Krispies.  “Aaaaarghhh!” she screamed, “They’re all wet!” when she could roar vaguely coherently.  Yep, as well as shrieks we had full-on upside-down smile, shaking with rage and streams of ectoplasm dripping on her chest (her cold is still quite bad).

They kicked off about their teddies, too.  Between them, they own 2 full toy-boxes of teddies and soft toys (40? 45?  More?  Anyone want some?!  Or should I keep them as handy crashmats when they jump around the sofa again?)  Yet Midi insisted that “Poppy got 4, I only got 1!  Waaaaaa!”  Showing her the evidence to the contrary didn’t help.

So faced with that, what’s a Mummy to do but pack off Daddy to B&Q for paint, photo shelves and a curtain pole?  I locked myself away for an hour and painted one of the middle box-room’s walls light green.  I got some really brilliant masking tape rolls from Lidl a week ago: they’re thin masking tape attached to very thin plastic that folds right out, so you have a kind of dust sheet attached to your masking tape.  Perfect!  If I wasn’t so ham-fisted at laying down the tape.  I got it in my hair, on my nose, curled round my fingers, stuck to the wardrobe (too lazy to move it more than a foot away from the wall).  Bah!

I’m going to work on the little room all week, a wall at a time, till I can move in Mini Minx (I’ll miss my noisy little room-mates darling snuffles at night; I sure won’t miss the farts.  Much.  Well, maybe a bit.  I love the way she wrinkles her little nose in her sleep in response to her noise/smell).  By then, the shared room should have settled down and beds, boxes, books and bits should be in their final places.  Then I’ll paint their room and attach mini mirrors, etc.  I showed the girls the paint for Mini’s new room (pale green, pale pink, and a very light cream).  They blinked thoughtfully when I asked them what colour of paint they fancied for their room.  “Dark pink” Maxi predictably asked for; “Black!!” declared her equally-predictable younger sister.  So that’ll be very light cream and pale pink for them, too, then. Using Timeless, Sweet Pink and Willow Tree.  I think Wellbeing would have been a nicer, brighter green, but The Boss chose.  And I’d have dithered for 3 hours and left the shop empty-handed in a fit of undecided pique had I gone to get the paint…

My back’s been fine today – I guess all the physio and exercises I’ve been doing on my flabby old stomach have taken the strain away from my back at last.  Bonus!

Maxi decided that my lot as a Mummy has been quite tough, lately, so she made me a present.  She wrapped her echo microphone in one of her toy napkins.  “This is for you, my old cake-y Mummy”, she smiled.  “It’s a microphone.  But whenever you get bored, you can rest your chin in the cup at the top of it, like this, or your elbow.  Or you can sing in it.  Please don’t sing in it, though.  I-love-you-very-much, bye-bye!”

I love you, too, Princess xxx

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