Need Sleep. Send Coffee. And Tissues.

I'm sure the soup is nice, but I'll never eat again

Germ Vector 2 (Midi) picked up yet another snotty nose from nursery within 3 days of getting back from holiday.  Within 3 more days, her sisters caught it.  Then last night, me and The Boss felt the first chest tightenings and nose ticklings of it.  And ear tingling: Mini Minx has developed a (probable – I Am Not A Doctor) ear infection.

So lucky I gave going swimming a bum-steer last night and decided to have an early night – I put in plenty of time in the bedroom, but very little time asleep.  Mini woke up every 2 hours screaming the place down (sore ear); Midi kept crawling into bed to wipe her snot over *my* pillows and back (her own pillow was green-sodden); not wanting to miss out, Maxi kept sneaking in to my bed every time I shifted Midi back.  Eventually she got the hump and made up a ‘nest’ of her bedding on the floor.  The sounds of a disgruntled 4 year old letting you know she’s cross that you’ve ousted her from the bed would wake the dead…

This morning’s been interesting.  The Boss slept in for work.  Luckily, we were awoken by his lift-share driver ringing the bell, so I made polite ramblings at the front door while he poured himself into his clothes.  I don’t think too many were inside out or covered in kid snot.

Ah, kid snot. Put your toast down for the next bit, or just go away if you’re squeamish.

We have 3 different nasal aspirators*.  I used the electronic fandangle one on Midi and sucked out 2 tablespoons of ectoplasm before breakfast alone.  Dear God, I swear her eyeballs sank.  And I will never eat again… You’d think the worst bit is hearing the gut-churningly viscous-sounding sllllluuuuurp.  Or seeing the gloop all gathered behind clear plastic (so you can see the bubbles).  Nope.  The worst bit is realising you’ve run out of rubber gloves, so have to unscrew it all and clean it out with your NAKED FINGERS!

* Nasal aspirators use various means of fluid dynamickary to suck the snot from your precious baby’s nostrils.  I acquired 2 of them free as a product-tester and reviewer.  I’m sure I blogged about them before.  Well, up till now I’ve disliked the electronic one, but it sure came into its own this morning – I could set the vacuum running, hold the contraption in one hand, wrestle Midi Minx into a secure headlock with the other arm, and hoover all the yuck out in a few gruesome seconds.  Despite the screeches, it couldn’t have been all that traumatic for her, as she’s asked for it again.

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