More Day-To-Day Minxiness

Just went upstairs to put Mini Minx in her newly-lowered cot.  It’s like a bloomin’ cage!  She pouted at me in her sleep – obviously she’s still cross that I only fed her a whole (!) herring for her dinner tonight instead of 2.  Or 4.  Four is Midi Minx’s favourite number.  If you ask her anything, she’ll reply “4!”

I tiptoed into Midi and Maxi’s rooms to check on them.  Check for what, I know not – that they’ve not kicked their covers off?  That they’ve not turned their rooms upside down?  That they’re still alive?

Typically, Maxi had laid out 4 or 5 little beds for her favourite stuffed toys.  She’s all curled up in a corner of her bed while Baby Annabell is on a pillow of her own, covered with a blanky-tag; Grandad Teddy is on a cushion covered with a toy quilt; Barbie is on Maxi’s favourite rolled-up soft jumper covered with a cushion cover; Bagpuss (favourite toy) is in the middle of the bed, on the biggest pillow, covered with a huge fleece blanket.  Maxi loves that Bagpuss so much that she cries if anyone picks it up by the neck or head. “Poor Bagpuss!” she wailed, “He won’t survive another bath in the washing machine!”

Midi, meanwhile, loves her Teddy so much she carries it around like a dog.  In her mouth.  She likes to gnaw on its legs.  I fear it won’t last the week, never mind another wash.

At bedtime, Maxi leaned in close after her bedtime story (one of Dorothy Edwards’ ‘My Naughty Little Sister’ stories – Midi is the reincarnation of the little sister) and whispered that she wanted to tell me a secret.  Only so long as I promised not to tell Daddy.  Oh oh.  Red alert.  She lifted my hair and shy said, “When I grow up, I’m going to be an artist”.  Sweetheart, any fool can see that!  I hugged her and agreed that would be a good plan.  I asked her if she wanted to use my easel outside when she was bigger.  “Oh yes, Mummy!” she enthused.  “I will use a real easel, and real paints, with real paintbrushes.  And I will wear a real artist’s hat!”  You’d have been proud of me: I didn’t giggle or snigger, just patted her head and said “Yes, sweetheart”.  Bless!

So, Maxi Minx is going to be an artist when she grows up.  I think Mini Minx will be a singer or actress.  Midi?  She’ll be a wrestler.

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