Code For Free Goodies

I eat too many chocolate biscuits.  I know the saturated fat is terrible for my arteries, but they’re so easy and super-fast to eat when you’re trying to answer the phone, argue with the postman, change a baby’s nappy, keep the cat out of last night’s chicken leftovers and get 2 toddlers to eat their breakfasts.  (Or even a little bit of breakfast.  Just a bite).  All at the same time.

I got a few Graze boxes in the past and ate their relatively healthier snacks instead of the biscuits.  Graze are a company who send you a little box of snack-type things every week or so.  The snacks are things like dried fruit, seeds and nuts, both plain and chocolate- or yogurt-covered.  It’s cheaper to buy these kinds of things yourself, but I’m too lazy busy to buy them in, get them out the cupboard, dispense into snack-sized bowls, etc.  Plus, they’re a lovely treat and are more cost-effective than the bulk-buying if you have a discount code or voucher.

Which is where this post comes in.  If you fancy trying a Graze box entirely for free, then just go to, and enter the code 2JKFZ1B3.  You’ll get a box of 4 snacks for free, I’ll get £1 off my next box, and Graze get potentially a new customer.  Everyone wins!

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