The Potting Shed

I don’t know if you know this about wordpress, but blog owners can see a little report every day listing the sites where people have put a link to their blog.  As my little, new blog isn’t exactly heaving with comments (and also because I’m a nosy old trout), I like to check out the links to see who’s talking about me, and whether they like what I write about or not.  I only ever either say ‘hello’ or just lurk and feel a warm glow if they approve of my rantings.

17 people have visited from  Wow.  I’m intrigued!  I did try registering openly, as ‘Grumpy Old Trout’, but the links to my blog are in a hidden forum that only accepts bona fide ex-BBC Gardening Boards posters.  Whilst I love gardening, I am not such a person, so (probably quite rightly) I can’t access where the links to my blog are.  So, I thought I’d put this post on to say: I don’t know if you like my rantings or not, but ‘hello!’  <waves cheerily>

To all readers of this blog: please do give me some feedback via the comments.  Blogs are always more interesting if they turn into a dialogue, especially if they turn into a argument discussion.  Do you agree with my ramblings?  Vehemently disagree?  Think I’m a nutjob howling at the moon?  Got pet subjects you want to read me rant about?  Gosh that could be fun: rent-a-rant 😀

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