10 Month Baby Milestones

Baby R will be 10 months old tomorrow.  She’s sitting beside me on her Daddy’s knee, desperately trying to get my attention: blowing me garlicky kisses, hissing, clapping her little hands, shouting, “Mim-mim!” and “Ath bith!”  I’m ignoring her, so now she’s trying to pull The Boss’s glasses off.  Subtle.  Nice.

She’s had a week of one milestone after another, so I thought I’d log them all, starting with today’s biggie: her second tooth.  It’s her lower left incisor and it’s been giving her grief for days.  I think she’s only happy now because we’ve given her some Nurofen.  Well, it’s either eased the pain in her gum or eased the taste of the roast garlic she had for dinner.  Either way, she’s much happier.

This morning she threw an almighty tantrum.  I forget what about, probably because she wasn’t allowed to feed herself baby slop with a spoon.  Instead of shaking with rage, this time she clapped her hands in fury.  I laughed, which wasn’t really the reaction she was after.  She learned to clap and say “Ba ba” last week at the same time, maybe Day 3 of the holiday.

The last day of the holiday, she had another double milestone within the same 5 minutes: she learned to sit up from lying down all by herself and actually crawled *forwards*.  I think she was so shocked that she’s forgotten how to do either again.

The Boss just reminded me of the milestone he’s most proud of: her third word, uttered yesterday, was “Dada”.  Awwwww!

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