The Best Thing About Being a Pessimist…

…is that I’m constantly delighted by people and events.

Example 1: Childcare

This morning was the dreaded abandoning of baby R at the drop-in creche while I did some serious physio work (diastasis recti and a bad back.  I don’t give 2 hoots that I have an upside-down 6 months pregnant stomach, but I care deeply about not being strong!).  My last bunch of posts show that I’ve been fretting about leaving Mini Minx for weeks, especially since I visited the place.  The Boss shared many of my concerns and last night we discussed whether I should listen to my (suspicious, cynical) gut-feelings or drop her off after all.

Well, the actual experience was the direct opposite of my fears.  The Light of My Life loved the 90 mins we were apart and only cried when she saw me again.  I swear she was thinking, “Oh pants, now I remember – I forgot to miss you!  Doh!”  Honestly, I didn’t feel jealousy at how happy my Angel-pie was in someone else’s company – just relief!

I now have to sing the praises of the 2 ladies looking after the kids.  Before and after all my internal check-boxes were ticked.  As well as the standard ones, these won me over:

  • On arrival, J came straight over, remembered who we were, and immediately engaged Grumpy Cling-on (Mini Trout, obviously) with a toy and some chat.  I’ve never seen my mini Grumpy Trout so quickly charmed by a stranger.  It was mutual, too.  The whole time I discussed R’s care with J, she kept eye-contact with R, but was obviously listening carefully and attentively to me (focussing on the baby)
  • J asked all the right questions (experienced at this childcare malarky, knew what was important to me)
  • J was almost psychically responsive to R’s squeaks and noticed what R wanted (good at interpreting babies’ non-verbal language – I was very, very impressed and a bit jealous at that skill)
  • baby R was giggling as I left and smiling when I returned.  The first comment on her session when I returned was, “Oh, R loves being tickled, doesn’t she?” (so you took the time to tickle her and make her laugh – thank you so much!)

So I guess my precious little baby will be abandoned more regularly for me to do some physio.

Example 2: Physio

Yeah, I know I feel a bit Pollyanna about my lovely physio because I had a great session today, but I’m really feeling good about my bits and bobs.  I just might be climbing by summer after all.  I can feel the increase in control and strength in my various abdominal muscles and my physio commented on my progress.  I’m also feeling quite humbled by how much help and encouragement she’s giving me.  I like to think that I don’t need or seek other people’s approval; that I am content to exist within the bounds of my own sense of self-worth.  Phooey – I purr like a cat with just a little bit of praise.

5 thoughts on “The Best Thing About Being a Pessimist…

  1. Edited to add: I took Mini Minx back to the same creche last week and wasn’t so Pollyanna-ish or impressed. It didn’t help that she cried most of the hour I was away. It also didn’t help that the toys were grubby and the ‘background’ music was ear-splitting. Perhaps the 2 ladies had fallen out again, as I detected a hint of ‘John & Mary O’Leary from Father Ted’ about them… I’ve swung back to not wanting Mini Minx near the place again :oS

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