Real-life Christmas

I was darting about today, trying to keep the house *this* side of habitable.  As I battled with hoover, dishwasher and mound of laundry, I had an ear out for the kids and CBeebies on the TV (some programmes, like Tweenies, are banned in the Trout household.  Och, it’s a long story…).  Anyway, I heard one of the presenters gushing something like: “I hope you had a magical Christmas, and all your wishes came true”.

Bing!  That’s it!  I’d been wondering where people have gotten this idea that every single Christmas has to be The Best Christmas Ever.  No really, Ever.  EVER.  Ever-ever.   Where nothing can go wrong (unlike every other day of the year).  Where absolutely everyone has to smile and not just have fun but have super-special fun.  Even if you were lucky enough / drunk enough to have an incredible time last year, it doesn’t matter!  For you have to have an even better time this year!  It’s the Christmas Law.  And obviously this message is being drip-fed to us from our infancy.

Phooey.  I’ve never bought into it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Bah Humbug kind of person at all.  I just accept that like all celebrations and parties and days of the year, sometimes Christmas is good, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s mediocre and guess what, sometimes it’s all 3 (and more) in one day.  I don’t expect some Old Man Who Lives In The Clouds to magically make 25th Dec a day when I can wish for the moon on a stick and He’ll boom: “What colour of stick?”.  I mean, if you went, “Oh wow, it’s March 20th, you can’t be sad on March 20th!  You simply must have an incredibly wonderful day!” then they’d cart you off to have your head examined.

Merry Christmas

I get cross at the pressure from my fellow humans to have a better than wonderful Christmas every year.  No, I don’t set out to have a rubbish one, you know, and like most days of my year it’s usually petty good, overall.  But don’t go infiltrating my kids’ heads with this nonsensical idea that Christmas = magical day when wishes come true.  Then if they have merely a great or just a lovely day, they’ll be woefully disappointed.  Which would be ridiculous.

Never mind Christmas, I hope your day today (29th Dec) was somewhere within the range of tolerable to pretty great.

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