9 month baby milestones

Some of my imaginary friends were discussing babies the other day.  Of the group, baby R is one of the eldest, but she’s certainly not the most advanced.  The ladies regaled us of tales of how their wee darlings are speaking, crawling and in some instances even standing!  Wow.  Mini Minx is obviously just lulling me into a false sense of security, allowing me to think that she’s a little slow on her milestones so she can surprise me later.

As this blog is starting to take the place of my old handwritten diary of baby boasts, I should record what my smiliest baby is up to, at a week short of 9 months:

She can’t speak, but is a screecher (there’s a video I still laugh at of her channeling her inner dolphin…).  Maxi Minx and I both thought she said “Rudolph” the other night, but it might have been a sneeze…

She can sit on her own, even in the bath, splashing and swishing away with her hands and feet without falling over.  Since learning how to roll over from front to back and back to front, she’s decided that only losers roll from front to back.  Still, she’s now pulling herself to sitting using the bars of her cot.  In her babywalker, she can run to the end of the room faster than me and can manouevre it around deftly, even spinning it a full 360 degrees.  She swings herself forward and back and uses the momentum to push the walker over the room divider bar to get into the hall.

If I load the spoon-bowl she can feed herself with a spoon, and drink from a lidded cup herself.  Her favourite dessert is pureed apple and cherry and she still has a very strong sweet tooth.  Her first taste of goose (tonight – how luxurious!) was an enormous hit, and she loves fish, but is iffy about beef.  She’s reasonably happy with textures, knowing how to chew chunks with her toothless little gums.  I share an addiction to buttered toast with her and Midi Minx, and she also loves to munch long sticks of Red Leicester (she’s not mad on Cheddar).  She loves water almost as much as she loves fruit.

She’s only just moving up to size 9-12 month clothes, still in size 4 nappies, and has the most gorgeous baldy patch at the back of her fluffy brown hair (yes – it’s gone from brunette at birth, to gingery red, to blonde, to brown.  Bizarre).  Her nose is straight like mine but otherwise she is a clone of her eldest sister.  She is generally very alert and likes to watch rather than dive in to things.  However, she won’t be babied, saving her most ear-splitting screeches for when I overpower her physically to do something she doesn’t want to do: get dressed, get undressed, sit in her car seat, come out of her baby walker.

R has worked hardest this term on her winning, dazzling smile.  She has her sisters under her spell and her chin-wobble even works on me.  In sum: shows promise.  B+

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