Little Minx P was playing ‘Big Mary’ in her nursery nativity play today.  It was the nursery’s way of getting all the kids to have parts: adult Jesus asks his mum to tell him the story of how he was born, as introduction to the rest of the nativity.  I sat on a miniature doll’s house seat in the crowd of proud parents with baby R in a sling, waving madly and videoing the back of 3 rows of parents’ heads – I think you can see our mini Meryl Streep’s eyebrow.  Just.

Anyway, she’s obviously been thinking about the story, too.  “Mummy, why did Mary travel to Bethlehem on a donkey?  Could she not go by car?” she puzzled.  When I explained that cars hadn’t been invented then, she had a long ponder while she chewed her cabbage.  “Oh.  Well, could she take the train, then?”  She then sang her favourite carol to herself  – Away in a Manger.  Yes, the one about the Little Odd Jesus.  I have told her loads of times, but she must think it’s a name.  Her sister yells along to “Odd the Builder (Can we fix it?)” so maybe that’s where she gets it from.  (L actually sings “Oooooood da bill-da!  Ca ee mix it?  Ooooooood da bidd-da!  I don’t know”  with a wriggle of a shrug)

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