From the Mouths of my Babes

Despite getting around 5hrs sleep last night, I made a tiny bit of an effort with my appearance today.  Nothing traffic-stopping: I just brushed my hair and wore a skirt.  Said skirt is green mock-suede, ankle length, with an incredible swish to it.  It’s also 6 years old, but I think it looks good with my lacy green cardigan that’s trimmed with little jangly bells, sequins and semi-precious stones.  I thought, “I might not look trendy, but I feel a bit like when I was The Grumpy Young Trout”.  Minx 1 gazed lovingly at me over breakfast and cooed, “Oooo, Mummy, you look just like Miss Hoolie”.


That was my little bubble bursting.

Och, I forgave her when she presented me with a little portrait of me that she’d drawn while I was out this afternoon.  Now, I don’t actually cut about in purple boots with a big poppy emblazoned on my top, but hey, she’s pretty artistic for a 4-year-old.  I think it’s beautiful and I’ll treasure it forever.  I can also use it as evidence that I do smile occasionally, enough for her to know what my smile looks like.  She even saved a piece of pink clover that she found on her walk with her Daddy, grandparents and one sister yesterday (while me and Baby Trout caught up with baking, cooking, admin vortex fighting, etc) and sellotaped it to my picture.


That was my cold, black heart bursting with pride and love for my clever daughter.


Famed CBeebies character, Miss Hoolie

The Grumpy Old Trout

Mini Trout's Portrait of The Grumpy Old Trout


In other news:

I had to take Little Trout to the hospital today to begin the long process of deciding what to do about her recurring ear infections – this is the 9th infection of 2010, and she’s only 2.  The waiting room was full of tired people in tired chairs, all of us looking at a different spot on the wall, like some comical ‘Spot The Ball’ contest.  Little Trout is bored, bored, bored.  Normally this means that she will shortly bite, hit, slap or otherwise physically harm the nearest human.  Today, however, she thought she’d rather ‘sing a lil song’.  So she treated her captive audience to a lusty rendition of Old MacDonald Had a Farm, along with Makaton sign language and sound effects.  When she ran out of animal vocabulary, she moved on to Miss Polly Had a Dolly.  Buoyed by the smiles and chuckles, she started doing requests.  I’m a Little Teapot obviously caused so much consternation that the long waiting queue miraculously vanished and we were seen immediately.


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