Out, damned spot, out!

For the past few days I’ve been irked by a strange pink spot on my bedroom ceiling.  It’s lurked there quite happily, neither growing nor fading.  This was good news, as I was initially concerned that it might reproduce and spread, like Dr Seuss’s Cat in the Hat pink-cat-ring spots.  (I’ve either been reading too many bedtime stories or the Minxes have had one childhood illness too many…).  Around the diameter of the end of a pencil, every time I’ve seen the spot I’ve made (yet another) mental note to check what it is, prior to cleaning it, then promptly forgotten.  Only each time I’ve lain down to sleep, its annoyingly cheery neon pinkness has reminded me of its presence and my inability to remember anything unless I’ve written it down on at least 3 To Do lists.

Well, this morning my visiting in-laws kept the elder 2 minxes occupied while me and The Boss investigated.  It didn’t respond to a loud ‘Ugh!’ or a prod.  Declaring it ‘unresponsive’, it was identified with a tentative lick…


Now, 3 questions remain that will probably be forever unanswered:

  1. How did the Calpol get on the ceiling?
  2. Why did it form such a perfect little circle?
  3. How did I or The Boss manage to lick it…?

Hint: from whom did Minx 3 inherit this giraffe tongue...?

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