2 Pre-schoolers for sale – no returns, no refunds

(from 9 Nov)

What or who have I spawned?!

P was narking at L for eating her snack out of a little ramekin pot that has P’s name emblazoned on it.  L narrowed her eyes, jutted her jaw, then swiped an entire beaker of milk over her big sister, the kitchen floor, the kitchen table, the bookcase, the work surfaces and the cooker.

I stripped a now-wailing P, plonked L on the floor facing the wall with darkly growled threats of what would happen if she showed her face, ignored a newly-awoken roaring Baby R (who had barfed on me twice by that point) and started Operation Clean-up Before the Milk Smell Sets In Forever and Ever and Ever.

P got her own back – in some kind of territorial insult she peed in L’s potty and I just caught her trying to get rid of the evidence down the bath (‘evidence’ being the half a toilet paper roll she was trying to hose down the bath plughole).

For fear of turning into a roaring banshee, I have given myself a 10 min Time Out.  I’m writing here instead of writing a description on eBay…  Minxes!!!!

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