27 Jun 2007 – Project Curbar

27 June 2007 – about 6 weeks

Ha, beware what you wish for… spent yesterday feeling quite rough and today feeling utterly drained and nauseous. Oh joy. And I know exactly what’s in store for me. With the Popster I felt like this around 7.5 weeks. So… does that mean I’m further ahead than I think? Or does it mean I’ll get over the m/s a week earlier? Or does it mean I’m carrying twins (like I keep winding DH up about)? Or is it just one of those things?! Hmmm.

I know I’m so knackered cos I keep wakening up at 0400hrs to wee. Joy. I’d forgotten about that. I’d also forgotten how much I craved eggs. Last night I sweet-talked DH into boiling me an egg to eat whilst watching Carcrash TV (Big Brother). Well, I tickled him till he mooed, then he made me it. It was absolutely gorgeous – the smooth texture, the meaty yolk, ooh, droooool! I had another straight from getting in from work and it was just as lush. I could murder one now, but that’s a bit dodgy. And I’ll be windy as a windy thing.

Only a quick update tonight – off to cuddle DH. Finally managed to get photo added of the HPT that just blew our world apart last Sunday. Was the line so strong cos it’s twins…? (That was a joke, btw) surprise - smallres

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