23 Jun 2007 – Project Curbar

The mw phoned this morning: my booking-in appointment is July 5th. Wahey! A whole month sooner than I’d thought. Same day my in-laws are flying up to stay. Originally we were all going to meet them at the airport and tell them the good news, but I’ll be answering a stack of questions instead… I can’t remember how early you can hear a baby’s heartbeat with a handheld doppler. I just remember that I didn’t with the Popster at my booking-in appointment, but the fact that I was heaving all day every day reassured me instead.

Talking of that, still no real symptoms – the fatigue and going off wine (tastes far too strong) and weeing all the time at night are probably all wishful thinking-induced :-S

Talking of The Minx, I spent the last half-hour with her cuddling up to me watching Glastonbury. Makes a change from the ZZ Top and Metallica her daddy plays her! She ‘sang’ along with Bjork, loved the Specials, didn’t think much of the Klaxons and played her little drum with one of the Jazz World drum groups. She bounces and waves her hands above her head to dance and coos in a really high-pitched voice to sing. But right now she’s whingeing for her dinner – DH is cooking and it’s way too late. Better go rescue them.

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